Logistics. Official Visits for Yachts and Vessels from Foreign Ports

Our company coordinates the Official Visits of the vessel and pursues all the administrative proceedings necessary for the vessel to be fully cleared before the local port authorities: Customs, Migration, Governor and Agriculture office – Quarantine.

An Official Visit consists of the proceeding through which the local authorities of the Port can board a vessel that is moored in a berth, or anchored in a bay, and that the Government officials on board of the ship check its international papers and official registration documents of the ship, exercise the pertinent migratory control of each member of the crew, guest or passenger on board, and also check the goods, provisions, spare, marine elements and all pertinent matters for the customs authorities of our country.

To Officially Visiting a ship that bears a foreign flat it is necessary to contact a shipping company like us 48 hours prior to the arrival of the ship to a Costa Rican Port, so our company can serve notice of the ship’s next arrival to the pertinent authorities, and everyone can be present at the same moment of the arrival and the maritime controls can be rapidly started, ensuring that the vessel finishes this process as soon as possible, and you can enjoy the stay in our country and our tourist targets without delay.

To have a clear idea of what documents are necessary for a luxury vessel to enter our country, please read the following form, which shall be your guide and help in this process, but not without reminding you first to contact us as soon as possible to confirm your ETA to Costa Rica.