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Sport fishing licenses


All the vessels or yachts dedicated to sport fishing, are obliged to have a fishing license issued by INOPESCA (Costa Rican Fishing and Aquaculture National Institute) pursuant to our legislation, a government institution in charge of the reception of documents and issuing of sport fishing licenses, issued for a one (1) year term, counted as from the date those licenses were authorized.

Our company processes these sport fishing licenses for the yachts that are part of our client portfolio and for everyone that requires it so. The tariffs established by INCOPESCA to obtain a fishing license strictly varies depending on the length of each vessel, such as:

  • Vessels with less of 12.00 meters of length: $200.00
  • Vessels between 12.01 and 15.00 meters of length: $300.00
  • Vessels between 15.01 and 25.00 meters of length: $400.00
  • Vessels with more than 25.01 meters of length: $500.00

It is necessary that the crew and guests apply for a personal fishing license, which cost is of $24.00 per year for each person. These personal licenses can be obtained in any office of INCOPESCA within the country.

The requirements necessary to apply for a sport fishing license are:

  1. Certificate of Registration (in force)
  2. Temporary Certificate of Import (in force)
  3. Passport of the vesselís Legal Representative (in force)
  4. Power of Attorney that accredits the applicant as Legal Representative of the vessel.

Any port authority shall be entitled to inspect its documents to evaluate if the vessel is legally fishing.

If you need more information, please communicate with our company as soon as possible in order to start the required proceedings so the vessel can obtain a sport fishing licenses as soon as possible.