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Mooring rights for foreign vessels in national water.

Pursuant to the Costa Rican Tourist Maritime Act, every luxury yacht that has entered into an agreement with a Marina or a yacht berth authorized by the government can stay in national water for a maximum term of two (2) years, renewable for equal terms, exempted from clearance taxes. Currently, the only Marina authorized to obtain this benefit is Los Sueños, located at Herradura. Telephone 637-8941. Fax (506) 637-8426


One of the high advantages offered by the mooring rights is that your yacht can sail national water without a national departure permit issued by a Governor’s office of the local port, you only have to inform the tourist Marina of your sailing plan so your departure register can be consigned in the Capitan’s log of said marina, document that the Marina shall subsequently deliver to the Governor’s office of local ports.

Our company processes this kind of permits regularly, and it is granted and authorized by the MOPT (Ministry of Public Works and Transportation of Costa Rica), for further information of our fees and list of legal requirements to apply for a mooring right of this nature, please contact us to be informed in detail.